HFASt Lab members present at UNERD 2023, Yoonho Kim wins the Best Poster Award in Human Health

Undergraduate summer research students, Shabab Salam, Yichen Mao, and Yoonho Kim, presented their summer research projects at the annual Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD) on August 16, 2023 at the Myhall Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The conference booklet with abstracts can be found here.

Yoonho Kim (Eng Sci2T5) won the best poster award in the Human Health category.

1. Driver’s Visual Scanning Behaviours Towards Vulnerable Road Users

by Shabab Salam


2. Effects of Training on Driver Attention Allocation when Driving with ADAS

by Yichen Mao



3. Advancing Driver Safety: An Investigation into Innovations in Drowsiness Detection and Design of System-Initiated Interventions (Best Poster in Human Health)

by Yoonho Kim

UnERD 2023 Presentation Poster