Nazli Eser Kaya

MASc Student
LinkedIn: Nazli Eser Kaya

Research Interests: Human Factors. Driving Applications. UI/UX Applications. Driver Attention. Cycling Safety. Engineering Psychology.


Nazli Eser Kaya completed her Master of Science (MASc) at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering while pursuing the Collaborative Graduate Specialization Program in Psychology and EngineeringShe received her BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the Bogazici University, Turkey, with a second highest bachelor’s degree. Her research at HFASt lab was on driver attention and road user interactions at urban intersections. She is passionate about organizing events and bringing people together; as such, she has deeply involved herself in organizing the 19th annual Human Factors Engineering Inter-University Workshop (IUW 2018) as co-chair as well as leading the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP) Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC) as chair. Currently, she is working as an engineer analyst in human factors and computer design.