Maryam Merrikhpour

PhD Candidate
LinkedIn: Maryam Merrikhpour

Research Interests: Human factors; human behavior and performance in complex systems; designing feedback for guiding operator behavior; driver distraction mitigation.

Current Project: Utilizing Social Norms Theory to Mitigate Teen Driver Distraction.


Maryam joined HFASt in 2010 as a MASc student. After receiving her MASc degree in 2012, she started her Ph.D. program. She received her BSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2010.

Maryam has experience in conducting research on understanding and improving human behavior and performance in multi-task and complex situations. She has designed and conducted a series of driving simulator experiments using a high fidelity driving simulator with eye tracking technology, as well as a naturalistic driving study. Her primary goal has been to identify the social-psychological factors of risky driving behaviors, and to design effective interventions to mitigate risky driving and improve roadway safety.

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