Our Truck Driving Simulator Is Here!

(Photo by Phill Snel, CivMin, originally posted on CivMin news

Our newest driving simulator is here! The truck driving simulator has three 50-inch wide monitors to display a wide field of view. It includes a real truck driver seat, steering wheel, gear shifter (with options of manual or automatic gear shift), gas and brake pedals and dashboard. All these set on a motion base that can provide acceleration, deceleration, and other motions like road surface roughness to the driver. 

The truck driving simulator was acquired in collaboration with Prof. Matthew Roorda (CivMin). Our PhD candidate Alia Galal, co-supervised by Prof. Roorda and Prof. Donmez, will be conducting her research on evaluating truck driver training modules to reduce hazardous interactions between trucks and vulnerable road users (i.e., pedestrians and cyclists).

Her interview study on vulnerable road user safety has been published on Transportation Research Record.


Our simulator has been featured on the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering website.